Board Members

Board of Directors

Eric Jensen – Past Chair
Eric Jensen is Past Chair of the Society. He is the owner of Holdsworth Advisory Services which provides business services to the public sector and indigenous organizations. Eric has been on the FD Society board for 13 years. 

Gordon Shawcross – Treasurer
Gordon Shawcross is a retired business owner with strong roots in the United Church. Gordon has been or is presently an active volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Winnipeg Harvest, Boy Scouts, and his Church Property Committee. His background includes banking, investment and transportation roles. 

Larry Beeston – Chair
Larry Beeston has held several senior operational and finance positions in the Real Estate industry and currently serves as the Senior Manager – Financial Reporting and General Manager – Condominium and Retirement Properties with Shelter Canadian Properties Limited. Larry has also served on the Boards of the Canadian Condominium Institute and FortWhyte Alive. 

John Swan – Secretary
John Swan is a retired professional photographer and an active member of the St. Andrews River Heights United Church congregation.  John continues to enjoy photography as a pastime and at all important FD Society events. 

Kathryn Graham – Director

Heather Mutcheson – Director

Susan Cunningham – Director







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